Sulfur Processing

Sour Water Stripping

Lummus Technology supplies sour water stripping units for the removal of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia from refinery wastewater. Around the world, we have designed and built more than 45 sour water stripping units with capacities of 32 to 925 gallons per minute. 

Our sour water strippers are designed to provide superior energy efficiency and enhanced performance. Lummus Technology’s overhead pump-around system minimizes corrosion issues compared with a conventional overhead system. We incorporate design features such as low-pressure feed flash drums for maximum hydrocarbon separation and light hydrocarbon removal; a storage tank to separate heavy hydrocarbons; and optimized steam-to-feed ratios for cost-effective compliance with effluent specifications. These design features improve unit reliability and increase run-length. 

The sour water stripping unit utilizes metallurgy suitable for wet sour service to resist the potential of induced stress cracking. Lummus Technology has designed sour water strippers with the appropriate metallurgy to handle high chlorides.

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