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Lummus Consultants International is an independent advisory team with a reputation for delivering superior guidance that combines deep commercial understanding with technical strength and project experience.  We provide Independent consulting and advisory services that span business, technical, strategic management and regulatory issues for the power, oil & gas, petrochemical, refining and government segments. From our Locations in Houston, Boston, Denver, London, Dubai and Singapore, we support clients in all aspects of project selection, development and execution, including feasibility analysis, bidding, contracting, financing, construction and operation as well as identify organizational and operational improvements. 

The business works closely with the global financial sector on major projects and has a long history of engagements with investment and commercial banks, equity investors, energy firms and multilateral institutions. We also advise industry participants on project investment or development. Clients include electric and gas utility companies; petroleum refineries, storage and transportation firms; petrochemical and inorganic chemical companies; and oil and gas exploration, production and pipeline enterprises. 

Lummus Consultants International has closed more than 700 transactions worth more than $400 billion in the past 20 years. 

Key features of our consulting and advisory business include the following: 
  • Technical expertise coupled with commercial business knowledge and the practical knowledge of project execution
  • Evaluations of alternative energy sources such as hydro, wind, solar and geothermal, including assessments of proven and emerging technologies, and overall supply and distribution economics
  • Assistance with turning concepts into projects through an integrated structure and an interdisciplinary approach
With six locations in major metropolitan areas around the world—Houston, Boston, Denver, London, Dubai and Singapore—we offer a broad range of services to customers worldwide, including:

Transactional Expertise

  • Independent engineer (owner/lender) for major projects
  • Asset acquisition and divestiture services for buyers and sellers
  • Enterprises and plant operations
  • Privatization
  • Due diligence reviews of business

Project Financial Analyses and Projections

  • Competitive asset performance management programs
  • Fleet benchmarking and analysis
  • Natural gas, liquefied natural gas, solid fuel, electric, process, steam and water systems
  • Process and power plant feasibility studies
  • Plant operations and maintenance reviews
  • Project development support

Strategic Planning and Business Knowledge

  • Refinery planning studies
  • Business process and operations reviews
  • Energy systems optimization
  • Operational improvement studies
  • Multi-pollutant compliance planning

Management Support and Advisory Services

  • Risk management and business continuity
  • Organizational reviews and audits
  • Litigation support and expert testimony

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