Process Technologies

Proprietary Supply (Clean Fuels)

Lummus Technology supports our petrochemical and refining technologies with a variety of engineered products that facilitate conversion, enhance productivity and lower production cost. Our proprietary offerings include:

  • Catalysts for petrochemical, polymer and refining processes
  • Heat transfer equipment, including fired process heaters, ethylene furnaces and heat exchangers
  • Specialized internals for fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units
  • Modular pressure swing adsorption (PSA) gas separation units

Micro-Jet™ Flex Feed Injectors

Our advanced Micro-JetTM Flex feed injectors deliver unparalleled yields from faster feedstock vaporization, while addressing operational challenges such as feed circuit hydraulics, steam usage and the cost of retrofitting existing hardware.

Micro-Jet™ Plus Feed Injectors

Designed with the optimal angle, correct exit velocities and thorough feed/catalyst contact necessary to maximize the performance of the unit, they achieve superior yields of valuable light products when replacing conventional injectors.

RTD – Direct Coupled Cyclones

Used in both grassroots and revamp applications our Reaction Termination Device (RTD), incorporates our proprietary Direct-Coupled Cyclone technology, and is critical in preserving the yields of gasoline and light olefins by terminating the reactions at the end of the reactor riser.

ModGrid® Stripper Internals

Our innovative ModGrid® catalyst stripper is a novel hardware design commercially proven to increase unit profitability and a reliable solution for all modes of operation.

MSO™ Air Distributor

Our air distributors, which include the unique Multi-Stage Orifice (MSO™) nozzle, are designed to provide ultra-stable flow. Through extensive CFD modeling, we have identified the erosion mechanisms often seen in conventional borda tube nozzles.

Lummus Advanced Breech-Lock Exchanger®

For over 35 years, the Lummus Advanced Breech-Lock Exchanger has been extensively used in hydroprocessing and hydrogen-rich environments, assuring leak-free performance and easy maintenance. Using our industry-proven high-pressure heat exchanger closure technology, it provides solutions for critical high-pressure and high-temperature services with innovative technology that eliminates the large channel cover flange and bolting of other conventional high-pressure exchanger designs.

HELIXCHANGER® Heat Exchanger

Leveraging our industry-proven, enhanced heat transfer technology, the HELIXCHANGER heat exchanger provides solutions to common issues such as shell-side fouling, high-pressure drop and vibration. In the HELIXCHANGER heat exchanger, quadrant shaped baffle plates are placed at an angle to the tube axis in a sequential arrangement to create a helical flow pattern. Installed in refining, power and petrochemical facilities worldwide, our heat exchanger technology offers a lower life-cycle-cost solution for extending the operating period between cleaning campaigns of crude preheat exchangers, reducing capital costs in a petrochemical plant and improving energy-efficiency of feed/effluent towers.