Proprietary Supply (Clean Fuels)

ModGrid® Stripper Internals

Lummus Technology offers the innovative ModGrid® catalyst stripper to improve the performance and flexibility required to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. The ModGrid stripper is a novel hardware design commercially proven to increase unit profitability. The unique, patented configuration provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for all modes of operation. The modular construction allows for easy installation through existing manways.

  • Baffles are assembled and built as modular grids
  • Surface area is maximized for mass transfer between catalyst and steam
  • Channeling, bypassing, back-mixing and dead spots are eliminated
  • Catalyst takes a 360° turn as it flows down the stripper, improving radial mixing


  • Reduced dry gas and delta coke
  • Reduced generator temperature—provides capability to increase feed rate and/or process heavier feeds
  • Higher catalyst-to-oil ratio
  • Increased conversion and yield of light products
  • Reduced steam consumption
  • Highly attractive return on investment—typically measured in weeks

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